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Welcome to Laszlo's Opal Doublets:

We may be able to custom manufacture a doublet to your size and color requirements!   Just send us an email with your request and we will respond with a quotation of cost.
Hover your mouse over the pictures below to see measurements in millimetres and inches. Please note: Thickness of doublet includes the backing.
All prices below include freight (insured airmail).

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Opal Doublet OD16 Opal Doublet OD17 Opal Doublet OD18

Triangular opal doublet with crimson and blue play of color
Length: 17.3mm
Width: 13.4mm
Thickness: 4mm


(all prices include delivery)

Very dark and rare opal doublet with blue, green and red patches of color.
Length: 21mm
Width: 8.6mm
Thickness: 3.4mm


(all prices include delivery)

- sold -

Fine quality doublet with vibrant blue, red and multi-colors.
Length: 19.6mm
Width: 10.2mm
Thickness: 4.2mm


(all prices include delivery)
Opal Doublet OD19 Opal Doublet OD20 Opal Doublet OD21

Very bright blue/green opal doublet with a domed teardrop cut and a distinctive floral pattern.
Length: 13mm
Width: 7.5mm
Thickness: 3mm


(all prices include delivery)

Bright red and blue doublet with a harlequin pattern.
Length: 9.5mm
Width: 5.5mm
Thickness: 3mm


(all prices include delivery)

- sold -

Spectacular multicolored opal doublet. They don't get much better than this - this doublet looks like it is on fire!
Length: 15mm
Width: 11mm
Thickness: 4.5mm


(all prices include delivery)
Opal Doublet OD22 Opal Doublet OD23

Another spectacular opal doublet, green and blue, with flashes of red and orange. Bright bright bright!
Length: 16mm
Width: 11.5mm
Thickness: 4.3mm


(all prices include delivery)

Large crimson, blue and green opal doublet.
Length: 24mm
Width: 16.5mm
Thickness: 4.3mm


(all prices include delivery)
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Opal Doublets Information:

Doublets are a form of opal that uses an epoxy adhesive to bind a layer of precious crystal opal to a backing of dark common opal or obsidian (although other backing materials may be used).  The result is an opal doublet that has the beauty of the more valuable solid black opal, but at a fraction of the cost.   Laszlo's has been making doublets for over 20 years, using genuine Australian opal. Doublets are most suitable for pendants and earrings, but can also be used in rings and other opal jewelry. Due to the nature of doublets, price is most often determined by evaluating the brightness, pattern and size of the doublet. Weight of the doublet is not as an important consideration as it is when valuing a solid opal, therefore doublets offer excellent value for money in terms of aesthetic appeal.

Compare Our Prices:

Our opal products are priced well below our retail competitors.  Compare our prices and see for yourself.  How do we do it?  Simple - all of our products are manufactured by Laszlo's Opals & Jewelry and we do not have the added overheads of a retail outlet.  By selling direct through our website we offer true value for money.

How Opals are weighed:

Polished opals are weighed in carats. 1 carat = 1/5th of a gram. (1 gram = 5 carats).

Delivery & Currency Information:

All prices include complimentary insured Airmail delivery.
For priority delivery, please see the options in our order form.

International Customers please note:
Prices shown are in Australian dollars.   To convert Australian dollars to US Dollars or any other currency, please click the currency converter link.
All prices include freight via insured airmail for international customers, or registered mail for Australian customers.

We accept PayPal. Click here to place a secure, online order, or phone us
on 61 8 7226 2943 if you need further details.

Australian Customers please note:
Listed prices do not include GST, which is added to your order automatically at the checkout.

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