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Site Map

Home Page - Here you will find an introduction to our opal jewelry company with links to all of our product pages.

Currency Converter - This link will take you to the currency converter page where you can convert our Australian Dollar prices into the currency of your choice.

Opal Rings - This is the page containing our best selling item - opal inlay rings! We are very proud of our designs and competitive prices. Inlaid opal jewelry really is one of the best ways to showcase the beautiful color and sparkle of this magnificent gem!

Opal Earrings - Our opal earrings product page contains inlaid and traditional settings. Our hoop earring designs are very popular because they look great!

Opal Pendants - Opal pendants and necklaces are simply beautiful. There are simple, subtle designs or more bold designs to choose from. We also custom manufacture pendants made from gems selected from our doublets and opal solids product pages.

Opal Solids - This page contains examples of solid polished opals and opal carvings. Our customers select opals to purchase here and can either order a custom jewelry design or simply purchase a gem to have mounted by their favourite jeweler.

Opal Doublets - These are a layer of precious opal gem that has been bonded to a common opal backing using epoxy resin. The result is a stone that has the appearance of a black opal. Have a look at our doublets - they are very inexpensive compared to solid black opals and look just as beautiful.

Rough Opal - For the hobbyist or serious opal cutter wanting to finish his or her own gems, rough opal is available through this page. The parcels on show are great value, allowing the opal cutter to turn a tidy profit, or have opals mounted in jewelry to be proud of.

Checkout - All of the products available through this site can be ordered online through our secure order form.

About Us - This page provides information about Laszlo & Debbi Katona, the proprietors of Laszlo's Opals & Jewelry.

Contact Us - Every page on this website has a "contact us" link which will open an email window allowing the user to send us an email enquiry or comment.

Testimonials - We receive many encouraging comments from our happy customers, many of whom reside in the USA. Check out this page to see what they have to say about our excellent customer service and products.

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