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Welcome to Laszlo's Opal Solids:

The opals below are fine quality solid opals, ideal for Professional jewelers, designers or anyone wishing to have opal jewelery made.
We may be able to custom cut an opal solid to your size and color requirements!  Send us an email with your request and we will respond with a quotation of cost. Our prices include insured airmail delivery.
Click the links on the left hand side of the page for complete delivery, currency conversion, ordering and other information.

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Opal Solid OS46 Opal Solid OS47 Opal Solid OS48

Catalogue Number: OS46
Freeform black opal with a large red and blue pattern.

Length: 12.2m
Width: 6.4mm
Thickness: 2.3mm
Weight: 1.15 carats

AU$ 230.00
(all prices include delivery)

Catalogue Number: OS47
Oval shaped boulder matrix opal with veins of bright colour.

Length: 14m
Width: 11.5mm
Thickness: 3.5mm
Weight: 5.1 carats

AU$ 127.00
(all prices include delivery)

Catalogue Number: OS48
Round boulder matrix opal with a beautiful splash of bright multi-colour.

Length: 8.2m
Width: 8.2mm
Thickness: 2.6mm
Weight: 1.7 carats

AU$ 136.00
(all prices include delivery)
Opal Solid OS49 Opal Solid OS50 Opal Solid OS51

Catalogue Number: OS49
Teardrop shaped boulder matrix opal with blue, green and red colours.

Length: 8.8m
Width: 6.3mm
Thickness: 3mm
Weight: 1.35 carats

AU$ 75.00
(all prices include delivery)

Catalogue Number: OS50
Freeform semi-black opal with a green pattern.

Length: 10m
Width: 5.2mm
Thickness: 2.8mm
Weight: 1 carats

AU$ 90.00
(all prices include delivery)

Catalogue Number: OS51
Black opal with bright green colours.

Length: 11.3m
Width: 5.8mm
Thickness: 2.5mm
Weight: 1.05 carats

AU$ 189.00
(all prices include delivery)
Opal Solid OS52 Opal Solid OS53 Opal Solid OS54

Catalogue Number: OS52
Black opal with red overlying a beautiful shade of turquoise blue.

Length: 6m
Width: 4mm
Thickness: 2.1mm
Weight: 0.35 carats

AU$ 70.00
(all prices include delivery)

Catalogue Number: OS53
Multi-coloured black opal.

Length: 6m
Width: 5.5mm
Thickness: 1.5mm
Weight: 0.35 carats

AU$ 70.00
(all prices include delivery)

Catalogue Number: OS54
Multi-coloured semi black opal in a triangular shape with a rare, harlequin pattern.

Length: 8m
Width: 7.8mm
Thickness: 2.4mm
Weight: 0.9 carats

AU$ 135.00
(all prices include delivery)
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Opal Solids Information:

Laszlo spent fifteen years in the Australian outback opal mining town of Mintabie, as a miner, cutter and merchant specialising in opal solids. His experience in classing opal and cutting to get the best out of an opal enables him to produce some truly special stones. All solids produced by Laszlo are "jeweller friendly" - meaning mounting will not trouble a jeweler.
Opal has two levels of color, the base (or background) color and the pattern color (seen as a play of color in a distinctive pattern).
Base color ranges from crystal clear through translucent blues or greens, to opaque, pearly white and darker colors through to black. The pattern colours seen overlying or "coming from" the base color can roll, flicker or change as the opal is moved. These colours have great variety, from pastels to bold hues that can cover the entire spectrum of color from red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet.
Black based opal and multicolored crystal opal are generally rarer and therefore more valuable than white opal, although brightness of colour and pattern also determine quality and value.

Compare Our Prices:

Our opal products are priced well below our retail competitors.  Compare our prices and see for yourself.  How do we do it?  Simple - all of our products are manufactured by Laszlo's Opals & Jewelry and we do not have the added overheads of a retail outlet.  By selling direct through our website we offer true value for money.

How Opals are weighed:

Polished opals are weighed in carats. 1 carat = 1/5th of a gram. (1 gram = 5 carats).

Delivery & Currency Information:

All prices include complimentary insured Airmail delivery.
For priority delivery, please see the options in our order form.

International Customers please note:
Prices shown are in Australian dollars.   To convert Australian dollars to US Dollars or any other currency, please click the currency converter link.
All prices include freight via insured airmail for international customers, or registered mail for Australian customers.

We accept PayPal. Click here to place a secure, online order, or phone us
on 61 8 7226 2943 if you need further details.

Australian Customers please note:
Listed prices do not include GST, which is added to your order automatically at the checkout.

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